My Projects

Over the past few years, I've used many cool technologies to make many cool things.

Featured Projects

I've applied technology including Python, Flask, Flutter, React Native, and MongoDB to tackle a variety of problems.

Applies computer vision, Google Assistant, and a smart lock to protect businesses from anti-maskers.


Adds rich, granular information to Google Maps, helping you navigate new places with ease and confidence.


Powerful ZSH configurator and lightweight Oh My ZSH alternative, complete with automated plugin and theme installation/uninstallation.

More Projects

I've worked on quite a few projects in addition to what I mentioned above!


Counts emails by various metrics and displays the final results, so you can quickly identify the worst spammers, delete their messages, and reclaim your pristine inbox.


A mobile application and networked hub that aids in search and rescue missions by enabling communication in the absence of internet or cellular connectivity.

Crisis Connect

A relay network that uses a series of wirelessly interconnected “nodes” - inexpensive devices running Crisis Connect’s software - to transmit messages and geolocation data across distances in the absence of internet connectivity.


Applies machine learning to automatically process receipts, making the task of managing and consolidating financial expenditures easy.


Crowdsources a freely-viewable map of potential disaster hazards, with the end goal of prompting preemptive action against disasters.